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Women's Health: 30 Is The New 20 at Thirdspace

Growing up, I was an athlete. I was quick, agile, and in great shape. After entering college, I stopped competing athletically, but due to a fast metabolism and being in my early twenties, my physique didn’t change much. Whether it was  jeans and tee or a two-piece bikini, I felt confident with my toned arms, flat tummy, and size 1 clothing.

As I entered my late twenties, things changed. Love handles, double chins, and bat wings were all I could see staring back at me in mirror. How and when did this happen to me? It was only a few years ago that I was strutting down runways in form fitting gowns, competing in state pageants representing my Latina heritage.

But like it does to other women entering their thirties, it happened to me - my metabolism slowed down. Being in a traumatic relationship that ended in a divorce didn’t help much either.

So, it was time for a change...time to bring sexy back - oh, yeah!

March 2017, I began my health and fitness journey. My goals: lose weight and build muscle. I taught myself how to read nutrition labels, set macro-nutrient goals, and created gym habits that I hadn’t had in a long time.

I felt like a boss.

But as summer rolled around life started to set in. Busy with a new job, new boyfriend, new classes, and much more; I wasn’t getting the workouts necessary to see results. New kick-butt strength and conditioning workouts were needed, ASAP.

That’s when I found Thirdspace Fitness.

Crossfit, TRX, 3SX, and Yoga are just a few of the classes that have transformed my life at Thirdspace. In each class I’m among peers who are striving towards similar goals, coaches who provide guidance and support, and state-of-the-art equipment that will get me to the next level.

For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling great! Sore as heck, but getting in better mental and physical shape, than ever before. 30 is definitely the new 20 for me here at Thirdspace.

I’ll be sharing more my journey here on the Thirdspace Blog, so check back in and see what’s happening in the Thirdspace community. If you want to come in and try out a class or two, come on in, we’d love to have you! 


Posted by Adriana Michelle