His inner-strength, perseverance, and dedication to his family and community are only some of the reasons why we're highlighting Bryan this month. 

He's come a long way, and if you're part of our ThirdSpace Community Pool on Facebook, you may have seen Bryan's recent accomplishments... kicking butt at his first Olympic Weightlifting Competition!

We don't want to give away any spoilers about his ThirdSpace and Olympic Weightlifting journey, but we can say his clean & jerks and snatches were on point at the competition!

Read it all from Bryan below!

Name: Bryan Taketa

Nickname: Ask DJ what it is.

Age: 41

Hometown: San Jose

Occupation: Product UX Designer at Synchronoss Technologies

How long have you been at ThirdSpace and what brought you here: I have been a member of ThirdSpace since March 2015 but took a small break in 2017 and returned full-time Aug of last year. I was introduced to the ThirdSpace crew through current member Michael McDermand since I was seeking something new and fun to do to get my health in check. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer Oct 2014 and I was having a hard time processing the news at the time. I had read about CrossFit and the supporting community behind it and thought this would be a great fit for me. I took the 10 course Groupon and was hooked. I was also playing ice hockey at the time and Lance put together a program that would help me to boost my performance on the ice. Another reason why I love this gym and its attention to its customers.

What classes do you take: When I joined, I was taking strictly TRX and CrossFit but now I take TRX, Olympic Weightlifting, and Powerlifting.

What are some of the positive changes you’ve noticed about yourself since taking on ThirdSpace classes: During my Dad’s 2 year illness, I split time with my Mom to take care of him when needed. This was very stressful for all of us because he was fighting the good fight. Interacting with the coaches and friends I made in all of the classes was my outlet to clear my head and mentally prepare for the day. Everyone at the gym was super supportive and I felt like it was an extension of my family which I’ve embraced ever since. CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting have taught me to get out of my comfort zones, be more focused, and has helped me to open up as a person and push others to be better as well. We have a great community of folks here that I’m lucky to be around!

What are some of your fitness goals this Summer: Diet. I love food but staying on track has been a struggle. I’d like to keep working on my Olympic lifting technique. Lifting heavier is a goal but without the proper technique, this is secondary. Also, need to get back into Yoga. I’m really into working on mobility as I get older to support the lifts but I know I’ve been slacking on it. 


Have you completed any health/fitness competitions recently?  I recently competed in my first Olympic Weightlifting competition in May with Coach Kerry. When I was deep into taking Oly classes back in 2016, I started to really enjoy these particular lifts and the challenge behind it. I hurt my shoulder, took a break from the gym, and returned with no shoulder pain. I got back to lifting again and the passion fueled me to want to compete. I started 4-week training cycles twice a week while taking my other classes for 5 months up until the competition. I had battled through some ups and downs to get to the comp. Mainly, diet and trying to stay the course with training but held on. Coach Tatiana got me prepped in Friday Oly class and helped me to not overthink things. One of my goals was to just make all of my lifts. I was terrified when I initially stepped on the platform but got over that fear and went on to go 6 for 6 with two PR’s. I wouldn’t of been able to accomplish these goals without the support of the coaches and taking classes to better myself. John B was there every step of the way to get me on that platform and having Coach Kerry hollering at me and my friends, family, and fellow ThirdSpace members out there was a crazy feeling. Looking forward to my next Oly competition in July!

Favorite Workout: Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Deadlifts, Morning Barbell Club Shenanigan’s w/Coach Kerry and Coach Rachel.

Least favorite workout: CrossFit... although I did Murph once and even though it took me over an hour to complete, I enjoyed doing the workout with everyone and supporting the story behind the workout. 

Favorite post-workout meal? Chicken, veggies, rice, almonds…Exciting eh?

Proudest ThirdSpace moment: Discovering ThirdSpace first of all and competing in my first Olympic Weightlifting Comp.

Strangest thing we would find in your gym bag: Stinky knee sleeves?

What does ThirdSpace mean to you: It’s not just a place to accomplish goals of being healthy and pushing yourselves to hit PR’s but also a great community of like-minded individuals who are all here to experience the same goals and sense of accomplishment.