Couples that train together, stay together! ThirdSpace member Bill Napier and ThirdSpace Coach Margaret Napier prove this theory correct as they have grown happier, healthier, and stronger together throughout their fitness journey. Over the past year, we've seen them branch out of their comfort zones and quickly progress into steadfast members of the TS community. They've shared a bit their experiences in the answers below, and we hope you enjoy reading what this power-lifting couple had to say!

Name: Bill Napier

Age: 42

Hometown:  Blue Bell, PA

Cities previously lived in: Philadelphia PA, Germantown MD

How long have you been attending Thirdspace as a member and what brought you here?

B: I’ve been a member for just about a year.  I first heard about ThirdSpace from Margaret, after she started teaching there.  She told me about the Sunday Morning Powerlifting class, and since I was already doing Powerlifting on my own, I thought I would give it a try.  And I’ve never looked back.

What classes do you attend?: (TRX/CrossFit/3SX/Yoga/Weightlifitng/Other)

B: I’ve done every class except 3SX.

What changes have you noticed about yourself since you’ve been a TS Member?

B: Thanks to the NSNG challenge, I’ve noticed that I weigh a lot less now and am stronger than I ever have been.

What are some new goals you’d like to achieve for this summer at TS?

B: I’d like to be able to do more than 2 pull-ups in a row, and ideally figure out how to do double unders.

Any recommendations or tips for newcomers joining the TS community?

B: Just get out there and start taking classes.  Don’t be afraid that you can’t do the movement or don’t even know what the movements are.  The coaches are great at explaining things, or scaling movements to what you are able to do.  And all the members are so supportive of you, even if you can’t do a single burpee.

Any upcoming or recent fitness/health challenges/competitions and what brought/brings you to the experience?  

B: I recently did the South Bay Maters CrossFit competition at ThirdSpace.  I had no idea what I was getting into but figured if I can hang in a CrossFit class, I can whip out a few competitive WODs.  And guess what? I could.


Favorite workout?

B: Margaret’s Yoga class.  :)

Least favorite workout?

B: Anything involving burpees.

Favorite post-workout meal?

B: Post-Powerlifting Paleo Pumpkin Pancackes

Proudest ThirdSpace moment?

B: Doing my first pull-up during the 18.3 Crossfit Open.

What does ThirdSpace mean to you?

B: TS is the place I go to get fit and get strong, with friendly like-minded people.


Name: Margaret Napier

Age: 43

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL (suburbs of Chicago)

Cities previously lived in: Philadelphia, PA; Germantown, MD

How long have you been teaching at ThirdSpace and what brought you here?

M: I’ve been teaching at ThirdSpace for a little over a year. I got lucky that they were looking for a yoga teacher as I was finishing up my training.

What classes do you attend?

M: I take TRX and Powerlifting and I’m just starting Olympic Weightlifting

What classes do you teach?

M: I teach gentle vinyasa flow on Tuesdays at 6am and Thursdays at 7pm, and I just started teaching a TRX burner class on Thursdays at 6pm. (I got my TRX certification last December.)

IMG_20170617_194944 (1).jpg

What are some of your goals for your students and classes?

M: I’d like for members to realize that what they do in the yoga room can help them in CrossFit and weightlifting. Not just the stretching and increasing flexibility, but the grounding, learning body awareness, and linking movement to breathe. I try and change up the flow from week to week, sometimes.

Any upcoming or recent fitness/health challenges/competitions and what brought/brings you to the experience?

M: I just did the Iron Roses Women’s Deadlift competition. It was pretty amazing. I really struggled at the beginning of the year. Having lost some bodyweight, weights that I lifted no problem in December felt so heavy in January and February. I had to adjust my expectations a bit, and I did better than I thought I would. It’s scary to stand up in front of people and challenge yourself! If we always stay in our comfort zones, we don’t give ourselves a chance to grow.

Favorite workout?

M: Whatever we’re doing on Sunday mornings


Least favorite workout?

M: Any involving a forearm plank

Favorite post-workout meal?  

M: Greek yogurt, strawberries and walnuts after my Thursday night classes. Chicken apple sausage and Bill’s pancakes on Sunday mornings.

Proudest ThirdSpace moment?

M: Dumping weight during my one rep max attempt for back squat a couple of weeks ago. I tend to be pretty conservative in my lifting and had told myself I’d never put myself in a position where I’d have to dump. As a result, I never practiced how to do it. But in attempting my one rep max, it wasn’t going up and I dumped. No big deal. I tried it again and dumped the second time but I got it up on the third attempt. So I’m proud for challenging myself, for doing something scary and for fighting to get the PR.


Strangest thing we would find in your gym bag?

M: Nuts? I tend to have a container or two of them in my bag.

What does ThirdSpace mean to you?

M: It means so much. I love being a part of this community as both an instructor and a student. It’s more than just a gym or a place to work out. The support and encouragement of the coaches and members is amazing and I look forward to walking through the doors.

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