As Spring arrives, we’re still seeing how our Winter NSNG challenge is positively affecting our members – we are so proud! It’s great to see ThirdSpacers committing themselves to living healthy lives.

Glen Turley was one of the TS members who completed the challenge. Last month, Glen wrote about his NSNG journey and we'd like to share it to keep the inspiration and encouragement going!

So, read on and power on with Glen Turley's NSNG Story...

ThirdSpace Member Glen Turley

ThirdSpace Member Glen Turley


It is February and thanks to Thirdspace Fitness we have already accomplished our first lifestyle challenge of 2018! Like many of you who have posted on the community pool or I have spoken to in class, I found that No Sugar No Grain (NSNG) was a positive experience which was both transformative and educational. It produced real benefits for many, including all in my regular 6am class who were able to improve their burpee count and impressively with some in other classes making it to triple figures! For me, it provided a great foundation from which to kick-on with the rest of the year with my fitness . . . . and now nutritional goals.

Before the start of NSNG, I was beginning to take interest in nutrition and had a copy of ‘How not to Die’ sitting on my bookshelf with the good intentions to read it somewhere locked inside myself. However, Lance’s challenge threw me into it full force, from feeling light headed on my first due to falling short on calories, to getting anxious about my long-term survival prospects if I ate three hard-boiled eggs for breakfast . . . at that point I had delved into chapter one ‘How not to die of heart disease’ . . . perhaps picking that book up at this point was not a great tactic! However, I quickly adapted with MyFitnessPal and Natalia’s Facebook posts coming to the rescue, helping me understand which foods were calorie dense, and what fruit and veggies were rich in carbohydrates. I was learning something new every day and this allowed me to become a more effective meal planner, putting more energy and enthusiasm into researching recipes and tracking my macros. So much so that today I tell friends that I can do coffee . . . or maybe lunch, if I can bring my own.

What did I get out of NSNG? Well, I started to use my newly found nutritional knowledge in my exercise planning. I found out the importance of fats for running and incorporated more lower intensity runs into my weekly running regime to more effectively burn them as a source of energy. Also, I was discovering and testing little-known facts such as consuming beetroot before your workout improves your endurance whilst consuming less oxygen . . . . perhaps something we should put to the burpee test?! On the road, I clocked 80 miles running during January and noted an improvement in heart rate training zones, so much so I improved my 10km personal best twice and ended up scraping into the top 20 of the Super Guadalupe River Run. Whilst at home at ThirdSpace, my burpee count increased by 10 and I am now able to rope climb (thank you, Aaron!).

So what’s next? Well, I am going to continue with the clean eating but I am going to incorporate whole grains back into my diet... welcome back rolled oats and brown rice. However, I am interested to see how no meat affects my performance, so it will be NSNM in February for me! This I hope to include in my continued growth at ThirdSpace, with goals to achieve a kipping pull-up and to improve upper body strength so I can get through a Spartan Race penalty-free. For this, I believe I am in the best place and during my time here I have realized whether peer or staff everyone has a strength you can learn from or be encouraged by, whether that is seeing someone crush their Fran time, or being shown how to improve your deadlift form . . . something for which I appear to have developed weekly amnesia! So for those of you moving on to compete in the CrossFit Open, you have a great source of inspiration from those around you to be able to achieve your second goal of 2018, I wish you the best of luck and I will join you next year... once I have conquered my double-unders!