Today we are kicking off our member highlight series with Thirdspace member Kellie V. ! Kellie is someone who attends Thirdspace on the regular and does a great job of circulating classes - CrossFit, TRX, Powerlifting, Yoga. She keeps a positive attitude during each work out, especially the WOD's, and is always up for the challenge! We can't be more proud of her and her results. She is getting stronger every day!

Kellie V. Highlights

Full Name: Kellie Vogt

Nicknames: KV  

Age: 27

Occupation: HR Operations at Genentech

Hometown: Local Gal, Sunnyvale, Ca


Athletic background/favorite sports: I grew up playing all the sports, but mostly softball stuck with me into college

Other hobbies: I enjoy anything and everything outdoors! Rock Climbing, Beach, Traveling, Hiking, Wakeboarding. 

Favorite type of class: (TRX/CrossFit/3SX/Yoga/Weightlifitng/Other) This is tough - I would have to say that I am happiest lifting heavy weights in powerlifting classes.  

How long have you been at ThirdSpace and what brought you here: I started attending Thirdspace in April 2017. Curiosity! Change! I have done everything from Orange Theory to Pilates to kickboxing and to the boring old run of the much gyms. 

Fitness goal: GET STRONG! Lift all the heavy things.

Favorite workout: Kerry's birthday workout! I don't remember exactly but I know that it was my favorite. I think it has thrusters and jump rope and wall sits and over head squats. 

Least favorite workout:  Anything with wall balls is a big thumbs down.

Favorite lift: The deadlift!

Least favorite lift: Cleans. 


Proudest ThirdSpace moment: My proudest moment is just the fact that I keep getting stronger every day and feel great! Also that I haven't puked during a tough work out :P pretty proud of that. There have been a few close calls.

Strangest thing we would find in your gym bag: Maybe...Nail clippers? I am super anal about my nails being even at any given time.

What does ThirdSpace mean to you:  Thirdspace means everything - it where I go when I'm angry, happy upset- No matter what mood I walk in with I always walk out feeling great! It has boosted my confidence and has changed my body and overall mental game. This is my third family and my third home.