Food Schedule

In setting any successful dietary program, three things ring true; everybody needs protein, fat is extremely important for brain function, and there is not a single carbohydrate on the planet that is essential for human life. With that said, we are not advocating for a carbohydrate free diet, just putting things into perspective as to what you need and what you don't.  Carbs definitely make life convenient (and sometimes pretty fun.)  However, finding the right amount of carbohydrates for your particular goals will be helpful.  In determining this, the most important aspects to consider, are activity level and schedule for being able to eat.  If you are only able to have 2 full meals during the day, high carbs in those meals might be counter-productive.  Carbohydrates can leave you depleted and feeling hungry or in the long run which leads to further throwing the diet off with cheat meals.  Need help figuring the schedule out, come join us this Wednesday (April 29th) at 7PM, for a talk that will guide you though it.