Next Wednesday ThirdSpace Fitness will present a hands on seminar to discuss resetting our nutrition.  You can join us here.  Over the course of the next week we'll talk about the biggest component to health outside of the gym: the diet. Understanding what to do with the diet becomes a little easier when the understand what the purpose of a diet is.  Diet with a capital D is simply the intake of nutrients to sustain overall health. Most people's diets will vary depending on body type, exercise, activity level, predisposition to certain diseases and goal for body composition.  Having an understanding of this allows you to affectively choose what to eat and what supplements you might need.  So here is your homework, everyone needs to find out these three things:

-  How many calories are you taking in on a daily basis

-  What goals do you have in terms of diet and exercise

-  What diseases run in your family (diabetes, heart disease, etc.)

From here we will determine a starting point.  Better yet, bring the information to us at 7PM, Weds. the 29th. Sign up here