So with Easter and the end of Q1 coming up it is fitting that we should be talking about renewal of our goals.  In particular, sometimes the quickest way to reach our goals is not a straight line.  When we get close, we make jumps, throw caution to the wind and possibly do some things that need correcting.  In the case of a diet, we might see our target weight only 3 pounds away so we skip a couple of meals.  We may hit our goal, but it is hardly in a sustainable way.  It’s times like this were a refocus, possibly even taking a step back or setting up your follow up with a fitness concierge and starting again can really help in the long term.  Whether the endeavor be weight loss, lifting a certain weight or some time on a 6 mile run, stepping back from the goal and making sure how you are getting there is good for the long run can ensure that you will maintain (or exceed) that goal for years to come.