It's hard to believe that for diet advice and getting through the holidays we would look to the Buddha, but if we want to be successful it's all about the Middle path. I say this as more towards the area of mental and emotional focus than an application to splurging. (The middle reference is not to be confused with moderation during the holiday.) So what does happen during the holidays? We splurged, starve, feel bad and then hope for January 1st as a time of renewal in a desperate way.  So, what is this middle path?  Finding the place where you still accept responsibility but don’t beat yourself up.  It really is the place of constant effort.  Easier said than done?  Here are the tips:

 Treat each new day as just that a new day. Do not put all of the weight from yesterday on to today. This goes both good and bad.  Don’t feel like you need to reward because you skipped the latte yesterday and don’t feel the need to run a marathon because sticky buns crushed will power.  Start again and don't punish yourself. 

 Forget about cause and effect for a bit.  This is not easy when pants get tight or loose depending on what you do, but try.  Think about the long-term goals for why you are doing a diet or exercise regimen.  When the pie comes around remind yourself of how it fits with your goals.  Remember that in the end, you always have to work for it, so be a peace with the consequences.

 Lastly, remember that you are doing any work on your health because you like yourself.  As such, be supportive when you fail and help yourself maintain your progress when you succeed.  In the end, you will be much happier with your results if you are stable during the process.