ThirdSpace Member Highlight: Madilyn Rossi


ThirdSpace Member Highlight: Madilyn Rossi


When we think about total body transformation stories at ThirdSpace, Madilyn Rossi's story can't be ignored or forgotten. Since signing up almost a year ago, she's gone from no gym Madi to gym junky Madi, and her progress is inspiring! She's dropped weight, leaned up, and grew some major muscle. You gotta' check out her transformation pictures and if you're curious about how she did it, she spills the beans here on our ThirdSpace Blog!

Name: Madilyn Rossi

Nicknames: Madi, Holly

Age: 29

Hometown: Napa

Occupation: Account Executive at Coyote Creek Consulting


How long have you been at ThirdSpace and what brought you here?

I joined in August 2017, so almost a year. I live right across the street, and I was curious about this gym but was nervous because I knew it was a Crossfit gym. So I put it off and then one day I was walking my dog, walked past and decided to go inside and check it out. Danielle signed me up for the intro one week trial and I fell in love with the classes. Signed up for the full membership soon after.

What classes do you take? (TRX/CrossFit/3SX/Yoga/Weightlifting/Other)

I primarily take TRX Functional, TRX Yoga and 3SX, but I plan on starting CrossFit this summer.

What are some of the positive changes you’ve noticed about yourself since taking on ThirdSpace classes?

I actually like and crave working out now. To go from someone who has NEVER had a gym membership, to now taking 4-5 classes a week and also putting in work outside the gym, is a huge transformation for me. I have also noticed that my whole goal mindset has changed. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale to reach a "goal weight," I instead focus on workout goals, like being able to do a rope climb or getting a handstand. The weight loss is nice of course, but it has become more secondary. 

What are your fitness goals for summer?

I want to do more CrossFit classes and be able to do lifts like snatches, cleans and jerks. I would love to get a muscle up and also a handstand off the wall. 


Have you taken on any health/fitness/nutrition challenges recently?  

I participated in the No Sugar No Grain (NSNG) Challenge in January and have continued eating that way. I was doing it a little bit before January but not religiously. Once the challenge started at Thirdspace I was all in and took it more seriously. I do the Ketogenic diet combined with Intermittent Fasting, where I fast for 16-18 hours and eat in a 6-8 hour time window. At first, I thought I would not have enough energy to do the workouts, but after a few weeks my body adjusted and I found that I actually had more energy. 

Since October of 2017, I have lost 22 lbs and dropped 4 sizes. It feels great and now that I am leaner I am able to accomplish more fitness goals that I had. I plan on continuing to practice an NSNG lifestyle because it is now a habit and my body feels way better eating this way. 

Favorite workout?

Tire flips and jumping squats (I know I'm crazy)

Least favorite workout?:

Wall balls because I can't feel my face after, and burpees because they suck


Favorite post-workout meal?

I would say either a Quest Cookie (chocolate chip), protein shake or a P3 protein pack

Proudest ThirdSpace moment:

Either when I got my first rope climb or my first pull up. I had been struggling with both and made it my goal to get them. The rope climb was more technique with my footing, but I was so excited when I finally got it and made it all the way to the top!

For the pull-up, I was convinced that I would never be able to do it. I had bursitis in my shoulder from a car accident and pretty much just accepted that I wouldn't be able to do many shoulder exercises. But Coach Lance pushed me and built up my confidence and one day I was able to make it up all the way with my chin over the bar. It was an amazing accomplishment for me.


Strangest thing we would find in your gym bag:

Booty bands

What does ThirdSpace mean to you: 

ThirdSpace is my motivator, anti-depressant, and little fitness family. I have accomplished so much more than what I thought I was capable of before joining. Like a lot of girls you are always nervous about joining a CrossFit gym because you don't want to get "too bulky" and want to be toned but not big. And I will admit I was focused more on weight loss when I joined. But now my whole mindset has changed and I am stronger than I have ever been. I am setting goals that I wouldn't have even thought was a possibility, and I love my muscles! 


Bill's Post Power-lifting Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes!


Bill's Post Power-lifting Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes!


Eat Well, Live Well

After confessing his favorite post work-out meal, Power-lifting Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes, in his TS member highlight, Bill Napier has given us the scoop on how we can enjoy this meal, too! After all, who doesn't love a scrumptious paleo dish after a good lift?! All it takes is a few staple ingredients and a hefty post-workout appetite. Bon appétit! 


  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar
  • 2 cups gluten-free flour (we like Bob's Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour)
  • 1 tablespoon molasses (not always paleo, option to substitute with 1 tablespoon honey)
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon ground allspice
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


1. In a bowl, mix together the milk, pumpkin, egg, oil, and vinegar. Combine the flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, allspice, cinnamon, ginger and salt in a separate bowl. Stir into the pumpkin mixture just enough to combine.

2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium-high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

Optional: add chocolate chips (not paleo, but sometimes required anyway)

Also optional: Shape pancakes into kettlebells :)




ThirdSpace Member Highlight: Bryan Taketa


ThirdSpace Member Highlight: Bryan Taketa



His inner-strength, perseverance, and dedication to his family and community are only some of the reasons why we're highlighting Bryan this month. 

He's come a long way, and if you're part of our ThirdSpace Community Pool on Facebook, you may have seen Bryan's recent accomplishments... kicking butt at his first Olympic Weightlifting Competition!

We don't want to give away any spoilers about his ThirdSpace and Olympic Weightlifting journey, but we can say his clean & jerks and snatches were on point at the competition!

Read it all from Bryan below!

Name: Bryan Taketa

Nickname: Ask DJ what it is.

Age: 41

Hometown: San Jose

Occupation: Product UX Designer at Synchronoss Technologies

How long have you been at ThirdSpace and what brought you here: I have been a member of ThirdSpace since March 2015 but took a small break in 2017 and returned full-time Aug of last year. I was introduced to the ThirdSpace crew through current member Michael McDermand since I was seeking something new and fun to do to get my health in check. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer Oct 2014 and I was having a hard time processing the news at the time. I had read about CrossFit and the supporting community behind it and thought this would be a great fit for me. I took the 10 course Groupon and was hooked. I was also playing ice hockey at the time and Lance put together a program that would help me to boost my performance on the ice. Another reason why I love this gym and its attention to its customers.

What classes do you take: When I joined, I was taking strictly TRX and CrossFit but now I take TRX, Olympic Weightlifting, and Powerlifting.

What are some of the positive changes you’ve noticed about yourself since taking on ThirdSpace classes: During my Dad’s 2 year illness, I split time with my Mom to take care of him when needed. This was very stressful for all of us because he was fighting the good fight. Interacting with the coaches and friends I made in all of the classes was my outlet to clear my head and mentally prepare for the day. Everyone at the gym was super supportive and I felt like it was an extension of my family which I’ve embraced ever since. CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting have taught me to get out of my comfort zones, be more focused, and has helped me to open up as a person and push others to be better as well. We have a great community of folks here that I’m lucky to be around!

What are some of your fitness goals this Summer: Diet. I love food but staying on track has been a struggle. I’d like to keep working on my Olympic lifting technique. Lifting heavier is a goal but without the proper technique, this is secondary. Also, need to get back into Yoga. I’m really into working on mobility as I get older to support the lifts but I know I’ve been slacking on it. 


Have you completed any health/fitness competitions recently?  I recently competed in my first Olympic Weightlifting competition in May with Coach Kerry. When I was deep into taking Oly classes back in 2016, I started to really enjoy these particular lifts and the challenge behind it. I hurt my shoulder, took a break from the gym, and returned with no shoulder pain. I got back to lifting again and the passion fueled me to want to compete. I started 4-week training cycles twice a week while taking my other classes for 5 months up until the competition. I had battled through some ups and downs to get to the comp. Mainly, diet and trying to stay the course with training but held on. Coach Tatiana got me prepped in Friday Oly class and helped me to not overthink things. One of my goals was to just make all of my lifts. I was terrified when I initially stepped on the platform but got over that fear and went on to go 6 for 6 with two PR’s. I wouldn’t of been able to accomplish these goals without the support of the coaches and taking classes to better myself. John B was there every step of the way to get me on that platform and having Coach Kerry hollering at me and my friends, family, and fellow ThirdSpace members out there was a crazy feeling. Looking forward to my next Oly competition in July!

Favorite Workout: Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Deadlifts, Morning Barbell Club Shenanigan’s w/Coach Kerry and Coach Rachel.

Least favorite workout: CrossFit... although I did Murph once and even though it took me over an hour to complete, I enjoyed doing the workout with everyone and supporting the story behind the workout. 

Favorite post-workout meal? Chicken, veggies, rice, almonds…Exciting eh?

Proudest ThirdSpace moment: Discovering ThirdSpace first of all and competing in my first Olympic Weightlifting Comp.

Strangest thing we would find in your gym bag: Stinky knee sleeves?

What does ThirdSpace mean to you: It’s not just a place to accomplish goals of being healthy and pushing yourselves to hit PR’s but also a great community of like-minded individuals who are all here to experience the same goals and sense of accomplishment. 


ThirdSpace Couple Highlight: Bill and Margaret Napier

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ThirdSpace Couple Highlight: Bill and Margaret Napier


Couples that train together, stay together! ThirdSpace member Bill Napier and ThirdSpace Coach Margaret Napier prove this theory correct as they have grown happier, healthier, and stronger together throughout their fitness journey. Over the past year, we've seen them branch out of their comfort zones and quickly progress into steadfast members of the TS community. They've shared a bit their experiences in the answers below, and we hope you enjoy reading what this power-lifting couple had to say!

Name: Bill Napier

Age: 42

Hometown:  Blue Bell, PA

Cities previously lived in: Philadelphia PA, Germantown MD

How long have you been attending Thirdspace as a member and what brought you here?

B: I’ve been a member for just about a year.  I first heard about ThirdSpace from Margaret, after she started teaching there.  She told me about the Sunday Morning Powerlifting class, and since I was already doing Powerlifting on my own, I thought I would give it a try.  And I’ve never looked back.

What classes do you attend?: (TRX/CrossFit/3SX/Yoga/Weightlifitng/Other)

B: I’ve done every class except 3SX.

What changes have you noticed about yourself since you’ve been a TS Member?

B: Thanks to the NSNG challenge, I’ve noticed that I weigh a lot less now and am stronger than I ever have been.

What are some new goals you’d like to achieve for this summer at TS?

B: I’d like to be able to do more than 2 pull-ups in a row, and ideally figure out how to do double unders.

Any recommendations or tips for newcomers joining the TS community?

B: Just get out there and start taking classes.  Don’t be afraid that you can’t do the movement or don’t even know what the movements are.  The coaches are great at explaining things, or scaling movements to what you are able to do.  And all the members are so supportive of you, even if you can’t do a single burpee.

Any upcoming or recent fitness/health challenges/competitions and what brought/brings you to the experience?  

B: I recently did the South Bay Maters CrossFit competition at ThirdSpace.  I had no idea what I was getting into but figured if I can hang in a CrossFit class, I can whip out a few competitive WODs.  And guess what? I could.


Favorite workout?

B: Margaret’s Yoga class.  :)

Least favorite workout?

B: Anything involving burpees.

Favorite post-workout meal?

B: Post-Powerlifting Paleo Pumpkin Pancackes

Proudest ThirdSpace moment?

B: Doing my first pull-up during the 18.3 Crossfit Open.

What does ThirdSpace mean to you?

B: TS is the place I go to get fit and get strong, with friendly like-minded people.


Name: Margaret Napier

Age: 43

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL (suburbs of Chicago)

Cities previously lived in: Philadelphia, PA; Germantown, MD

How long have you been teaching at ThirdSpace and what brought you here?

M: I’ve been teaching at ThirdSpace for a little over a year. I got lucky that they were looking for a yoga teacher as I was finishing up my training.

What classes do you attend?

M: I take TRX and Powerlifting and I’m just starting Olympic Weightlifting

What classes do you teach?

M: I teach gentle vinyasa flow on Tuesdays at 6am and Thursdays at 7pm, and I just started teaching a TRX burner class on Thursdays at 6pm. (I got my TRX certification last December.)

IMG_20170617_194944 (1).jpg

What are some of your goals for your students and classes?

M: I’d like for members to realize that what they do in the yoga room can help them in CrossFit and weightlifting. Not just the stretching and increasing flexibility, but the grounding, learning body awareness, and linking movement to breathe. I try and change up the flow from week to week, sometimes.

Any upcoming or recent fitness/health challenges/competitions and what brought/brings you to the experience?

M: I just did the Iron Roses Women’s Deadlift competition. It was pretty amazing. I really struggled at the beginning of the year. Having lost some bodyweight, weights that I lifted no problem in December felt so heavy in January and February. I had to adjust my expectations a bit, and I did better than I thought I would. It’s scary to stand up in front of people and challenge yourself! If we always stay in our comfort zones, we don’t give ourselves a chance to grow.

Favorite workout?

M: Whatever we’re doing on Sunday mornings


Least favorite workout?

M: Any involving a forearm plank

Favorite post-workout meal?  

M: Greek yogurt, strawberries and walnuts after my Thursday night classes. Chicken apple sausage and Bill’s pancakes on Sunday mornings.

Proudest ThirdSpace moment?

M: Dumping weight during my one rep max attempt for back squat a couple of weeks ago. I tend to be pretty conservative in my lifting and had told myself I’d never put myself in a position where I’d have to dump. As a result, I never practiced how to do it. But in attempting my one rep max, it wasn’t going up and I dumped. No big deal. I tried it again and dumped the second time but I got it up on the third attempt. So I’m proud for challenging myself, for doing something scary and for fighting to get the PR.


Strangest thing we would find in your gym bag?

M: Nuts? I tend to have a container or two of them in my bag.

What does ThirdSpace mean to you?

M: It means so much. I love being a part of this community as both an instructor and a student. It’s more than just a gym or a place to work out. The support and encouragement of the coaches and members is amazing and I look forward to walking through the doors.

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NSNG Still Lives On - The Journey of ThirdSpacer Glen Turley!


NSNG Still Lives On - The Journey of ThirdSpacer Glen Turley!

As Spring arrives, we’re still seeing how our Winter NSNG challenge is positively affecting our members – we are so proud! It’s great to see ThirdSpacers committing themselves to living healthy lives.

Glen Turley was one of the TS members who completed the challenge. Last month, Glen wrote about his NSNG journey and we'd like to share it to keep the inspiration and encouragement going!

So, read on and power on with Glen Turley's NSNG Story...

ThirdSpace Member Glen Turley

ThirdSpace Member Glen Turley


It is February and thanks to Thirdspace Fitness we have already accomplished our first lifestyle challenge of 2018! Like many of you who have posted on the community pool or I have spoken to in class, I found that No Sugar No Grain (NSNG) was a positive experience which was both transformative and educational. It produced real benefits for many, including all in my regular 6am class who were able to improve their burpee count and impressively with some in other classes making it to triple figures! For me, it provided a great foundation from which to kick-on with the rest of the year with my fitness . . . . and now nutritional goals.

Before the start of NSNG, I was beginning to take interest in nutrition and had a copy of ‘How not to Die’ sitting on my bookshelf with the good intentions to read it somewhere locked inside myself. However, Lance’s challenge threw me into it full force, from feeling light headed on my first due to falling short on calories, to getting anxious about my long-term survival prospects if I ate three hard-boiled eggs for breakfast . . . at that point I had delved into chapter one ‘How not to die of heart disease’ . . . perhaps picking that book up at this point was not a great tactic! However, I quickly adapted with MyFitnessPal and Natalia’s Facebook posts coming to the rescue, helping me understand which foods were calorie dense, and what fruit and veggies were rich in carbohydrates. I was learning something new every day and this allowed me to become a more effective meal planner, putting more energy and enthusiasm into researching recipes and tracking my macros. So much so that today I tell friends that I can do coffee . . . or maybe lunch, if I can bring my own.

What did I get out of NSNG? Well, I started to use my newly found nutritional knowledge in my exercise planning. I found out the importance of fats for running and incorporated more lower intensity runs into my weekly running regime to more effectively burn them as a source of energy. Also, I was discovering and testing little-known facts such as consuming beetroot before your workout improves your endurance whilst consuming less oxygen . . . . perhaps something we should put to the burpee test?! On the road, I clocked 80 miles running during January and noted an improvement in heart rate training zones, so much so I improved my 10km personal best twice and ended up scraping into the top 20 of the Super Guadalupe River Run. Whilst at home at ThirdSpace, my burpee count increased by 10 and I am now able to rope climb (thank you, Aaron!).

So what’s next? Well, I am going to continue with the clean eating but I am going to incorporate whole grains back into my diet... welcome back rolled oats and brown rice. However, I am interested to see how no meat affects my performance, so it will be NSNM in February for me! This I hope to include in my continued growth at ThirdSpace, with goals to achieve a kipping pull-up and to improve upper body strength so I can get through a Spartan Race penalty-free. For this, I believe I am in the best place and during my time here I have realized whether peer or staff everyone has a strength you can learn from or be encouraged by, whether that is seeing someone crush their Fran time, or being shown how to improve your deadlift form . . . something for which I appear to have developed weekly amnesia! So for those of you moving on to compete in the CrossFit Open, you have a great source of inspiration from those around you to be able to achieve your second goal of 2018, I wish you the best of luck and I will join you next year... once I have conquered my double-unders! 


ThirdSpace Coach Highlight: Natalia Dondoyano


ThirdSpace Coach Highlight: Natalia Dondoyano


Many of us ThirdSpacers just wrapped up the NSNG Challenge where we spent a whole 28 days NOT eating the sweet treats and everyday grains we love so much. It was difficult, but we got through it and we got through it together.

A major factor to our success came from the help of our beloved (yes, beloved because we love them dearly!) TS Coaches. They were there from start to finish pushing us, guiding us, and encouraging us to not give up on a venture that was completely new to us all.

I’m so inspired by their support and I’d like to start highlighting them on the TS Blog, along with our member highlights. It will give us a chance to get to know them better and maybe help us connect with some we may not know as well as others.

To start off, we are getting to know Coach Natalia Dondoyano today! She's a 28-year-old, San Jose native, who loves to move, stay active, and eat well. The NSNG Challenge proved she is one we can turn to for a list of healthy eating alternatives - even when it comes to desserts!


Take it away, Natalia!

How long have you been teaching at ThirdSpace and what brought you here:

I think I have been teaching at ThirdSpace for over two years. It was good timing when I found Thirdspace. I had just got back from traveling abroad for an extended amount of time and was looking for a new gym to call home. A friend had recommended me to Lance and the rest is history!

What classes do you teach?: (TRX/CrossFit/3SX/Yoga/Weightlifting/Other)

For Thirdspace I currently teach TRX, 3SX, Powerlifting, Yoga, Bootcamp, and Trx Yoga. I used to teach Crossfit, a Yoga/Mobility hybrid class, and Cardio classes too. DJ calls me their utility coach since I’m available to sub all the classes.

What inspired you to become a fitness instructor?:

I started as a personal trainer about nine years ago during college after the cream puff store I worked for closed unexpectedly. Two years into my work as a personal trainer I wanted to switch it up, learn other aspects of fitness and expand my business. I took a Group X certification with AFAA and really enjoyed it. I used to teach various aerobics classes where I’d jump around, yell and do most of the movements with the class. I do that occasionally in my Bootcamp classes still and there are some aspects of that style of teaching I want to get more comfortable with. From there I was lucky to have had a fitness manager that was willing to teach me new things and pull me out of my comfort zone. Seeing that side of fitness and meeting so many amazing group instructors really inspired me to be better; it still does.


Any cool certifications/training/classes you’ve taken to become a great instructor?:

I think all the training I’ve taken have helped me become well rounded, but I’ll name a few of my favorites. I took an Aquatic Aerobics instructor seminar early on in my career. Learning how to use water resistance in 360 degrees with buoys to target opposing muscle groups was mind-blowing. An example is how a typical bicep curl primarily targets your biceps but in the water, with buoys, you primarily target triceps instead! I took a Body Pump certification with Les Mills. It’s a muscular endurance weightlifting format that choreographs 800 reps in one hour. I didn’t pass this certification haha. I have never been a musical person and in this certification, I struggled to stay on beat. Everything I said and demoed was already choreographed- all I had to do was perform. I enjoy the creativity in programming my classes and Body Pump just wasn’t my style. I’m shy and the performing aspect of group fitness is something I’m always working to improve. Besides my Yoga certification, one of my most life-changing certifications was The Corset by Ido Portal. It’s essentially a mobility certification that focuses on bringing strength and flexibility to the joints in all ranges including hyperextension. It was a two-day 10-hour workshop that went over every single joint in the body. The certification pulled from all aspects of fitness: dance, martial arts, bodybuilding, yoga, gymnastics and more. I had never been so sore in so many various places. I’d say The Corset is by far one of the strongest certifications I have under my belt.

What are some of your goals for your students and classes?

For every class, I always have a personal goal and that can be anything from trying new cues to being more sociable. The goals I have for my students vary depending on the format. Often in yoga, I hope my students are able to surrender what they can and let me guide them through the class. In Powerlifting, I hope my students can take away proper form in the foundational lifts and feel more comfortable the next time they get on the bar. For TRX my goals for my students are proper core engagement. In Bootcamp, I always hope they get in a damn good workout and have a fun experience doing so.

Tell us how you know so much about nutrition and food alternatives:

Like most people starting in fitness, I didn’t know much about eating properly or how food can greatly affect your physical results beyond aesthetics. I think during the first six or seven years I experimented on myself and tried almost every diet. Depending on the diet I would commit four – six weeks, do research, test out recipes, and record my results. I love tracking food, eating differently to illicit drastic changes in my body, baking healthy versions of sweet treats and just constantly exploring all that. I have so many personal journals with different fitness formats, cool multi-muscle group movements, and my own recipe book filled with my favorites! I guess what really drives my eating experiments is my love for sweets haha.


Any upcoming fitness/health challenges/races/competitions and why are you taking them on?

The only fun challenge I committed to this year is Tough Mudder in June. I signed up for this as a way to reach my goals. I spent about eight months last year recovering from a severe injury and about four to six months after that trying to get my mental and physical strength back. I’m looking forward to doing something new and fun. I’ve been putting a team together for selfish reasons really; to create my own support system. I’m confident in helping other people achieve their physical goals but I know I need help from my own communities to push past my fears of reinjury. Join my team! We’ll give each other confidence! The Crossfit open is coming up at the end of February too. This time last year I was just starting to walk at a normal speed and couldn’t participate. This year will be the first time I’m unable to do muscle ups or lift more than 100lbs during the open. It will be five weeks of gratitude for where I am, what I can do and knowing where I can go.

Thoughts on the ThirdSpace NSNG Challenge?

I’m so proud of everyone who participated and even thought about participating in this challenge! It takes so much effort to slow down and look at what you’re eating let alone create changes to them. I know a lot of members saw amazing results from this challenge. I think its really exciting to show everyone how easy it can be to change your body when you’re consistent and dedicated.

Favorite workout?

Hands down swimming laps in the pool, then pull up variations.

Least favorite workout?:

Omg cycling. I want to love it but every time I pedal it feels like I’m doing weighted lunges haha. I just need to work on my tempo and form ☹

Favorite post-workout meal?


Proudest ThirdSpace moment:

This happens to me on a weekly basis, I would have too many of these to list. I’m proud every time someone asks a question pertaining to their goals, achieves a goal, or can move their body into the position I’m describing.

Strangest thing we would find in your gym bag:

It’s not strange to me but I always get surprised looks whenever I pull out my bag of snacks. I always carry a bag of healthy snacks in my bag!

What does ThirdSpace mean to you:

ThirdSpace is my home gym. I love the fitness model and concepts we strive to embody. It is a place where I go to learn more about myself as an instructor and meet people with similar interests.

Contributing ThirdSpace Blogger: Adriana Michelle, TS Member


Joining The NSNG Challenge: How I'm Feeling 10 Days Later


Joining The NSNG Challenge: How I'm Feeling 10 Days Later


If you're on Thirdspace's email list or Community Pool Facebook Group, you've been notified with your first 2018 health challenge: Take a 28-day absence from sugar and grains and adopt the NSNG (No Sugar No Grains) lifestyle. 

I received the notification the day after Christmas and was pretty shocked because I couldn't fathom NOT having any sugar or grains in my diet. Especially, since I'm a vegetarian. I already have quite a few diet restrictions. But I'm not one to shy away from a challenge so I accepted it as a test of personal willpower and to see if it would actually help. 

After Googling articles on NSNG and downloading the creator's (Vinnie Tortorich, Celebrity Trainer) introduction guide, I found out that I could receive many health benefits from eliminating sugar and grain from my diet. Not only could I lose weight, but I could gain more energy for my busy lifestyle and workouts. It's actually supposed to improve my physical performance, Vinnie explained. 

I was pretty stoked to read all of this. 

So, I decided to start a day before the challenge start date, which was January 2, and get things rolling. On day 10 of my journey (1/10/18), here are the changes I've noticed about myself - 


Meal Prep: I am a meal prepping machine right now and it feels great! I quit meal prepping months ago and since then I've missed too many breakfast meals; spent too much money on eating out; and adopted some pretty weird eating habits. What NSNG has taught me - if I meal prep for my day-to-day, I will never go without a meal (a healthy one at that) and I will have more control over the food I eat and the money I spend because I am prepared. I know I don't have to meal prep for this lifestyle or challenge, however, if I don't prep, I'll end up eating something that is not part of the NSNG lifestyle. 


Nutrition: I am eating cleaner and I'm expanding my "food knowledge" and it is GOOD. I really thought I was a clean eater before NSNG, but I now see how much of my foods were loaded with high amounts of sugars. It's exciting to learn new recipes, create new go-to meals, and fill my plate with flavorful, rich, and nutrient dense foods. I'm even learning how to spice things up more with tasty seasonings!


Community: This challenge has really helped me get closer to Thirdspace coaches and members because we are in this new experience together. Everyone has been really encouraging and supportive during this process and I feel grateful to have this opportunity to get know my peers better. It's so much fun hearing about their progress, how they're reacting to NSNG, and learning about who they are outside of the gym.

Weight Loss.png

Weight Loss: I've lost 2 lbs. already! I look thinner and feel lighter - literally, my jeans are beginning to sag on me - and I'm finally seeing my stubborn belly fat and love handles slim down. My waist size before the challenge was a little over 29 inches and my "love handle waist" measured a little over 34". Today my waist is just under 28" and my love handles are just under 33". What day is this again? Oh yea, only day 10! So, I'm super stoked to see the results after day 28!

Energy & Physical Performance: This is something I can't speak on quite yet. I was sick for the first week of January and now trying to regain my strength to get back into a TRX class and do a WOD for this challenge. But I have heard other participants talk about how energized they feel. Disclaimer: My illness did NOT contribute to my weight loss because I ate full and complete meals and snacks every day. 


Dedication and Willpower: I love feeling completely dedicated to a better me! I feel confident and good about myself, and it's been a great way to kick off my 2018 health goals! I really believed this challenge was going to be a true test of my willpower, but I've noticed it's not that hard to stay away from sugar and grains. The knowledge, confidence, and results I'm experiencing are empowering!

If you're a Thirdspacer who joined the challenge, I'd love to hear how you're doing! You can add me on My Fitness Pal (username AdrianaMichelle7) or find me on Facebook (Adriana Michelle). I'm pretty vocal on Thirdspace's Community Pool, so I won't be hard to miss.

If you haven't joined the challenge, you can always start your own by adopting the NSNG lifestyle at any time. Many of us Thirdspacers can help you begin with the information we've learned thus far. 

For updates about the challenge on social, like Thirdspace on Facebook here:

Contributing Blogger : Adriana Michelle, Thirdspace Member


Give The Gift of Dr. Jen This Holiday Season


Give The Gift of Dr. Jen This Holiday Season

Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Nelson

DC Movement Specialist

We know December has been a lot of fun for Downtown San Jose with festivities like Christmas in the Park, Downtown Ice, and Christmas parties galore. But let's face it. It's also been kind of hectic with the holiday hustle and bustle. Heading to the mall and department stores makes things worse.  Nobody likes dealing with massive holiday crowds. Not to mention parking lot craziness - such a nightmare!

So, what do you do to avoid the stress, but still get an amazing gift for the person who has everything? No, I'm not talking about shopping online at Amazon. Your person already has everything, remember? I'm talking about giving the gift of Dr. Jen Nelson, DC Movement Specialist. 



Gifting Silicon Valley chiropractic and wellness services of Dr. Jen will leave your giftee feeling like a new person. Body aches, pains, injuries, weight gain, fatigue and unbalanced lifestyles may seem like just some things one has to put up with, but that shouldn't be the case. With Dr. Jen, you have the power to show your loved ones that there is a path to complete body restoration and living life as their optimal self!

Plus, with January 1st around the corner, your mom, uncle, or BFF will love you for helping them kick-starting their 2018 health goals. All you gotta' do is reach out to Dr. Jen and tell her about who you have in mind to help. She'll recommend what service to gift to start their journey. Heck, you might even gift yourself a treatment if you haven't already. You work hard, you deserve it!

Visit her online at or the next time you see her in office here at ThirdSpace!